Zapp Brannigan
[[Zapp Brannigan 01|px]]
I am the Man with no name
Vital statistics
Birthdate February 18, 2882
Date Of Death
Gender Male
Species Human
Race {{{Race}}}
Series/Type/Class: {{{type}}}
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{Weight}}}
Profession/Occupation Supreme Defense Fleet Commanding Officer
Faction Democratic Order of Planets
Children none (that we know of..yet)
Current Status: Alive
Military Background/Career
Primary Duties: Starship Command/Enforcer of Brannigan's Law
Special Duty:
Ships Posting: N.X.A. Nimbus (BP-1729)
Military Level:
Rank: 25 Star General/Fleet Admiral
Personal Weapons Systems
Robo-Abilities: none (Human)
Weapons (Basic) 2 Positronic Blaster (Standard)
Heavy Weapons several pocket Atomic Grenades
"I am considered liken to a God to my men and a Ultra-Lover to many, many ladies, or at least something similar to Females across several galaxies." - Zapp Brannigan
"What a unmitigated, Pompous, self-centered, Egomaniacal Jackass..And those are just his good qualities" - (Robo-Captain Selene on Zapp Brannigan.)

Zapp Pow Aloysius O'Henry Brannigan is one of the central commanding forces of the Democratic Order of Planets, a 25 Star General which earned his position from earning victories in near countless Wars/Battles/Skirmishes throughout a large portion of the Universe. While appearing to in general public to be an extremely competent soldier and leader in reality however Zapp upon closer examination he presents himself as a preening, incompetent, masochistic bore whom many other alien species believe him to be a incoherent, babbling mental patient.

Biography Edit

Military Career Edit


  • In Futurama Cinematic Universe, Zapp is portrayed by Chris Pine.

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